The infallible secrets of persuasion


Cross-Reading Note by Robert Cialdini (Influence), Dan Ariely (Predictably Irrational), Jordan Belfort/Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street)
By Galileo ZOA feat Brain-Booster

Que ce soit l’oral ou à l’écrit, il existe un large éventail de mécanismes éprouvés visant essentiellement à activer les bons leviers psychologiques pour amener vos interlocuteurs à agir dans un sens ou dans un autre. Dans cet article, nous partageons avec vous :

  • Les 6 grands principes de persuasions énoncés par Cialdini
  • Les Biais cognitifs étudiés par Ariely, à prendre en compte dans le processus de persuasion
  • Les dangers de la persuasion par Jordan Belfort

The 6 great principles of persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Considered the father of persuasion, Robert Cialdini in his classic ” Influence” , shares with us scientifically valid sociological experiments at the end of which he states the 6 great principles of persuasion.

  1. Social proof
    This is a tendency of human beings to adopt the behavior of their peers. Basically, we do what the people around us do.
    To illustrate this principle, the author tells us several fascinating experiments, including this one:
    A subject is put in a room with several other people. These people are accomplices of the experimenter and act according to his instructions. This group of people sits and fills out a form for a so-called study.
    Only 5 minutes later, a thick smoke starts to invade the room. The subject, or rather the guinea pig of the experiment notices the smoke. However, all the other participants, who are accomplices, totally ignore the smoke and continue to fill in their forms, without showing or even glancing at the smoky corner.
    At the end of this experiment, it turns out that despite the room filling up with smoke, the guinea pig was indeed worried, but since nobody around him was panicking, he remained quietly seated, under the influence of the group.
    It was only when the room was completely covered with smoke that the subjects of the experiment decided to leave!
    Can you believe it? And yet this experiment has been reproduced several times, with the same results.

The following assertions therefore make sense :

The human being is a social sheep.

Robert Cialdini

If you want to persuade someone to do something, tell them, or better yet, show them, that other people have already done it.

Galileo ZOA

For example: show your target audience that hundreds of people are already using your product, that a prestigious customer has trusted you, or simply that others have already opted for this solution.
You finally understand why a full snack bar will always tend to attract more people than an empty one.

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