Brain-Booster is more than a partner, it accompanies us in all our actions and we share the same vision : Think big, Start small and Scale fast.
Landry KOM
Official representative of UCO-Anger France
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Brain-Booster in a few words

Community, Creativity, Continuous Improvement, Comfort and more…

Brain-Booster is a business accelerator designed to help you focus on what really matters, meet inspiring people and grow your business. We provide you with a collaborative, functional and stimulating work environment, as well as a support system based on trainings, afterworks and other activities aimed at continuously improving your skills, your companies and your projects.

The "Swags" included

Strategic Localization

High-speed WiFi

Flexible Forms

Mini library

Regular events

Board games

Multifunction Copier

Generator set


Vibrant community

Open space

More conviviality, exchange and sharing

Private offices

For more privacy, alone or in a team

Meeting corners

Practical for meetings in small committee

Conference room

30 seats, flexible and equipped for your events

Business Domiciliation Options

Tired of dragging your company into the briefcase, put your luggage at Brain-Booster. We offer you a full-time workspace with the support and services that go with it. Depending on your size and budget, you will find the formula that suits you. Also, we are flexible and willing to adjust our formulas to the particularity of your situation. Contact us now.


XAF 35k/month


XAF 50k/month


XAF 100k/month


XAF 15k/month

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Benefits of Members

Why join our community ?

Regardless of your industry, whether domiciliated at Brain-Booster or not, whether you are a professional or a student, if you want to improve, meet inspiring people, share your experience and evolve your activities, your place is at Brain-Booster. Sign up for the membership card (BB-Card) and take advantage of :
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They trust us

A collaborative, functional and stimulating work environment designed to help you grow….

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